Why don't guys ever respond to my messages?

So... guys don't really talk to me. I mean, they don't even respond to my messages or anything. Okay, let me rephrase that! Not ALL guys are like this to me. It's only the guys that I am INTO that are like this to me and ignore and avoid me! I always get approached and hit on by guys that I am NOT into AT ALL. I don't understand this! It makes me sad. :/


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  • Do you maybe try too hard with guys you're into? I dunno..

    • Hmm, maybe! :/ I don't know but I might come accross that way or maybe unapproachable or maybe just not their type. It's fine. Thanks for your answer anyways! :)

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  • Probably for the same reason you don't respond to the guys that hit on you- they aren't into you. At all.

    • Yeah, could be a possibility!

    • Actually, I do respond to everyone. I never ignore people. It is just my personality. I respond to anyone who messages me or something, even guys I am not into that message me. I do it out of courtesy and to be polite. I hate ignoring people because I hate it when people ignore me. I treat people how I want to be treated. So yeah, I do respond to everyone, even the guys that contact me that I am not into. But true that those guys are probably not into me at all.

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  • Boyfriend:

    "You are into guys that you can't have. You're into them because they ignore you."

    He doesn't like to "extrapolate".

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