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Does it mean that he might propose soon?

So my boyfriend was drunk. Not hammered but drunk. And when we were alone he talked about how much he loves me and appreciates everything I do and he is ready for the next step. He also said that he would be honoured if I were his wife. I try to not think about it much, but I’m starting to believe that he is going to propose. This evening happened about a month ago, however he said it twice already (both times not sober - FYI no he is not alcoholic lol).

Yesterday we were talking about romantic stuff and I said that I don’t need jewelleries or expensive gifts (he bought me gold necklace for my birthday a few months ago). And he said “Oh sorry, but you will get one, I already planned it”. And I asked what was he talking about. And he said that it’s a surprise and I have to be patient.

we are dating for almost 2 years, living together for 8 months.
Tell me that I’m not going crazy and there is a possibility that he will propose?
Does it mean that he might propose soon?
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