Girls, even if your not totally into a guy, will you give him just ONE date, just to see what he's like?

theres this girl, I want to go out on just ONE date with. if it doesn't work, then so be it. I just want to know what would happen if we are to go out on ONE date. are you more or less likely to do this for a guy you're not into, or a guy you are into? probably a stupid question but I thought id ask anyway


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  • i did twice with one guy..this guy really liked me and he asked me to get dinner with him and I said yes even though I'm not attracted to him...i also have a problem telling a guy "no" to a date or something the first time I postponed I lied and said I was busy but he was persistent like the next day he said "how about tonight?" so I went and it was chill but nothing special and then another time we went somewhere else together and I went because I was having second thoughts just because he was a nice guy and gentlemanly and stuff but I eventually realized that no, I didn't like him and wouldn't like him that way so we're just friends and I let him know nicely that I didn't want more than friends...but yeah to answer your question yeah sometimes we do..i do at least


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  • No.

    Do you ask out girls you find unattractive?

    • all the time

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    • The fact you wanted the more attractive girls proves her right.

      People want more attractive partners.

    • troll

  • I would if I wasn't dating someone else


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