Can girls call and text the guy?

If you are not dating, but you went out a couple of times. Is it OK for girls to call and text the guy or does it seem too desperate? Guys give me your thoughts on this. (girls too) I was wondering if the guy doesn't really contact me, but if I am contacting him. Is it too much? its not like I call him everyday or text everyday... but I m always contacting this guy. If I had a guy contact me it would be so much easier for me to respond. I guess I'm just shy... So how do I contact him, without seeming creepy and going overboard? Do I have to have a reason to call him? or can I call without having a reason? Just to say hi...

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I texted him instead of calling. He responded 4 hours later... If he responds so late doesn't that mean he is not interested?


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  • if she text/ call me it shows she interested I'm not going to think holy sh*t sh*t what an odd girl for text/calling me first. some times in life you just have to take a chance and go with it worry about what will happen after you do it when it happens

    • what do I say? is it insulting if I called just to ask for my things? xP I'm being such a girlie girl...

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    • oh okay. I'm pretty sure his phone didn't die nor he was at a sporting event, but either way I'm glad you put it that way. :) you reassuring me at least makes me feel better. I might be over analyzing things a bit too much. haha... I don't know why I feel the way I do about this guy. I have a feeling I'm going to end up getting hurt. thanks once again..

    • dont mention it, I tend to overanlyze too and it never ends good right now I'm in a situation with a girl, who I am just drawn to for some unnatural reason. I think she will just end up hurting me but decided I'm just going to roll with whatever happens and deal with it when and if it happens

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  • I like it when the girl texts me, although I do text initiate text as well. Text him if you like him and he likes you, he'll be happy to recieve your texts, itll make him feel he's important just as the same as if he'd text you.


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