He pays for everything and I think this feels unfair... What do you think?

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for about 4 months. We live 500 miles appart so we try to see each other every two weeks..

We both don't make a lot of money but I'm a student (he has a job) and I really don't have any money. In fact I keep all the money I have to go see him. It's been 4 months since I haven't bought myself anything...

In four months, He came to see me twice (and his company payed for it)... every other time it was me.

When we are together, he pays for everything (restaurants, movies, drinks..) and never says anything but still I feel like it's a little unfair..

Two weeks ago, I started crying and told him about all the things I was going through because of him.. I was drunk and a litlle embarassed so I told him I'd forgotten about that night. He acted like nothing ever happened.

What can I do?


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  • If he's worth all that travel, he's probably worth a conversation. Ask him to come to you and then tell him how you feel but talk about the the issue and not the people. If he won't take on the travel for awhile and sort of even the score, then you may have to consider finding someone else.

    Speaking of finding someone else, I suggest you do so anyway. There are too many guys out there to latch onto one that's long distance.

    • Well there are all sorts of cool events going on where he lives and I kind of live with my dad.. But I was wondering, when you really love somebody, aren't you willing to pay for their tickets?

    • When we got in an argument and I cried, he said the next time I came down he would pay for everything... Today, he told me I should hurry up to buy my train tickets because the prices are going to rise!

    • )f course it's up to you. If he's willing to pay for your travel without resenting it, then I guess you should just go for it but understand, at some point he may meet someone there and you'll be out in the cold. Just protect yourself emotionally to the degree that you can.

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  • This SOUNDS unfair as well. Break it off and find someone you more in common with and who cares more about you!


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  • Depends what you want to do.. I would tell him the truth, that you do remember that night and that you were drunk but that you meant some of what you said.