Girls, do you get contacted by too many guys?

and is it time consuming for you ?

2 how do you filter those good ones from bad ones ? when having too many options to choose from, doesn't it make you picky ?

Remember a situation or a movie where there is one or few men on an island or a location; doesn't the situation change and those remaining men are more desirable ?


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  • 1} Not time consuming, I'm not hit on that often (or I'm unaware of it if I'm being optimistic).

    2} You can tell my the way they smile and look at you. If you're looked at like you're a dinner, he's not a keeper. When I have multiple guys liking me at once, It doesn't make me more picky. I always have a hard time 'choosing'. I do get more confidence.

    3}Of course that makes the remaining men more desirable, they're the only options. Suddenly that 'kinda cute' guy is the best looking one there, etc.


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