Does he want to start things again?

A guy I was dating last fall and some things happened in the country and to his work made us more distant but it wasn't a fight or him being a jerk to me or anything, we'd just contact each other every once in a while just not like before when we dated..

so, last week, he called me up and said he finally could take a vacation and asked what my plans were for the Easter holidays etc.. and I said I could not travel the next day because of some family gatherings and holiday rituals, anyway, fast forward onto Sunday I travelled and called him and he was somewhere else a bit further from where I was heading and said he planned to go back to where I am before leaving to the city..and while we were on the phone he would always ask me to call when I arrive to make him sure I am alright and says things like my darling and babe and so on.

I am in confusion now does he want to ignite things I am too shy to ask so bluntly especially after the brief gap we had sometime ago...I want things to go back like the older days, please tell me what to do? and how can I act all cool and not seem so eager? please help!Thanks :-))


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  • Find some time. And ask him what he does. In advance, so he can make time if he wants. See if he like to spend time together. You don't have to ask to know. Just watch what he does. If he finds time for you then something is going on.


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