What does it mean when a guy doesn't text back?

I usually talk to this guy for hours at a time and he always stops texting me. During this time were flirting and coming up with lame pet names for each other. A couple of days go by until I finally decide to text him first. He then acts like nothing happened and we continue to flirt. What does that mean? Does he like me? Or what?


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  • I think it means that he'll flirt with you when it's convenient for him. Have you ever seen "He's Just Not That Into You?" Yeah, I have to admit that they were spot-on. If a guy isn't breaking his back to get to you, he's either playing hard to get (which is also an indication that he's not that into you) or he's just plain not that into you! If you want to change that, beat him at his own game; play a little hard to get yourself! I know that it sounds sleazy, but it will definitely get his attention, and make him work harder for yours!

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  • Well some guys just don't like to talk and text all the time, so sometimes we juist quit the conversation. Ladies can talk for hours and hours, but when the most interesting part is over, most of the guys back off.

    I also think that you like him more than he does like you, but that doens't means he doesn't likes you. Just ask him why he didn't aswered anymore, nothing strange about that.


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