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Sissy feelings please help?

i used to go out with a girl for a short time and although we got on great as friends there was no real chemistry, the problem being I have been trying so hard to fit in and pretend that I am like other guys and in to girls and other stuff your typical guy is in to, although I adore and respect girls so much when it comes down to doing the man stuff it always ends up in failure, anyway the problem is my now ex girlfriend is going out with a new really super hot guy and every time I see him I get butterfly's and fell funny around him, I really don't want to feel like this as my ex is such a cool girl and I would hate for her to no how I am feeling plus i am slightly embarrassed because she is my ex and I have never felt like this about a guy, how would be best to control these stupid feelings i am having and how can I best pull myself together when in there company as I am really struggling?
Sissy feelings please help?
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