How much money is acceptable to spend with a girlfriend?

how much money is acceptable to spend with a girlfriend per day/or week if I don't want to go bankrupt?


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  • Equal to the amount she's paying. Don't let yourself be used.


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  • You should spend whatever you budget without compromising bills that have to get paid.

    If he doesn't have money to take me out and I don't have funds to take us out, oh well. Ramen for diner.

    Whoever you end up with should understand your monetary limitations. Otherwise big fights will brew.


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  • I don't spend much money on mine. Yearly gift for her birthday. But the only types I see for any length of time are the types of girls who split the bill. I just like them better as people. When it gets more than $150 a month it makes me think.

    • yes and even in this case you have to spend for your part of the bills when going out with her and that's what I want to know. Maybe she prefers to eat at restaurant or to do other girlie things as often as she wants. So I understand your limit is $150 per month ?

    • Yeah, $150 is when I start noticing it and trying to keep it more affordable. $250 is when I'm seriously considering being single again.

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