Is it wrong to like guys at the same time when they're friends?

I'm actually under 18 I just chose the age randomly there's three guys

first guy: my ex boyfriend, broke up with me after six days, because he didn't feel the same way, and yes I'm still mad over that because I told him from the beginning I would only date him if he felt the same way and he was the one who asked ME! *sigh

second guy: I broke his heart, he likes me and I am sort of falling for him VERY slowly, and he knows I like his best guy friend (second guy)

third guy: my crush, he likes me too..i think but we use to talk but then I realized I liked him and then I stopped! and I embarrassed myself in front of him by falling up the stair! and yes I got a huge bruise on my leg...he knows I like him but I am to shy to talk to him now I think, what do I do!?!?! need help asap! and how can I shrug it off? and the embarrassment made me more shy to say hi! ughhh! HELP!

is it wrong to mess with three guys who are friends? well I'm not messing with them..i LIKE them...well the first guy I don't...anymore but I still have feelings for him...every time when we talk I feel the hole he left in my heart...


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  • First thing, there's going to be problems messing with three guys that are friends.

    Since, we guy's are very territorial.

    Second, it doesn't matter who you choose, cause in the long run you will have more relationships.

    Third, having feelings for all three guy's is OK.

    But, choose one and make the other two friends.

    Get over the embarrassment (I was LOL) we guys don't care, will just laugh it off and not make a big deal out of it, unless you make a big deal about it.

    Last thing, your very young and have a long life ahead of you and you'll have many more guy's, so don't worry.

    You must also answer this question personally to your self "why do you want this guy'(s)?" and "why do you need him (them)?" in your mind both consciously and subconsciously.

    You must think I'm crazy for asking this questions, but I'm just trying to open your mind for the future.

    I already know the answer, but you it's better for you to figure it out.

    • thanks! I will try to think about that :)

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  • You can't help who you have feelings for, just only flirt with/talk to one because if you flirt with guys that are friends you'll come off like a ho