Need advice about dating and an ex boyfriend?

broke up with ex about 8 weeks ago, we still keep talking all the time and he's been saying he misses me and loves me etc I've been a bit unsure about my feelings because we've been down this road before but I'm getting to the stage I'm falling for him again.but I've set up a date with another guy tonight and now I'm feeling guilty about it and thinking about cancelling and I don't know if I should say anything to my ex I feel like I should be.i don't know if he's dated anyone else while we haven't been together but I should I be saying anything to my ex or not?


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  • A break up is a break up. Yes, you two will miss each other a lot and you will want to be together. Stay away from your ex and date other guys. You don't really owe him an explanation since you are not together anymore. Don't feel guilty about it, just be honest with your ex about where you are with the relationship.

    Don't cancel with the new guy at least go out and see what he's about. You may like him better or at least differently. It is your choice always, take control of your life and make responsible decisions.