He cancelled the date a few hours ago. What do you think?

He's in army now and had to come home in the evening from there and later pick me up.
However, he was around 3 Hours late cause of the transportation and said he probably can't make it.

I understand, and I know their group came back late. However I didn't like the way he kept me waiting without apologising. I had other plans in case he couldn't make it, and he kept me waiting saying "I'll let you know if I have enough energy tonight" (it was 8pm already) and "I'm not sure If I can make it to the dinner, do you have something else in mind?" I suggested just to go for a walk and he said he'll inform me once he's home.

He lives with his parents so could be possible that they didn't let him take their car. So when he got home he sent me a text "Hey I'm so tired I can't make it plus I have to do some stuff. We can take a look tomorrow so you go and have fun with your friends:)"

Then only after a few messages he apologised, and I said it's okay. He asked if I was sure and said that he'll make it up for me.

If he asks me out again or hints at meeting, how should I react to not to be seen like "I'm always available and no matter I'll wait" ?. I have to set standards, how? Tbh he's 21 (living in a restricted family) so could be really that he couldn't make it but now he's been wishy washy about it and I'm not sure if his last words "I'll make it up" etc. were honest or not.
He cancelled the date a few hours ago. What do you think?
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