Guys- Why would a guy just text & not call?

Why would a guy prefer to text you than call you? Does it mean that he doesn't like me enough to make the effort to call? or what?


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  • Yeah, if you've been dating for a while, I'd be suspicious of that.

    The only legit reasons for preferring texting to calling are:

    1. If he's really shy or has some phobia about speaking on the phone.

    2. If he has a speech or hearing problem.

    3. If he's not a native English speaker.

    4. If he gets really bad reception with his carrier.

    5. If he has a bad plan that gives him little talk time but free texting.

    And point #5 is not really a good excuse, because you should just tell him to stop being so cheap and get a better plan. Or...he should get a land line...believe it or not, some people actually still use those! And they won't be getting cancer 30 years down the road. Or if he's too poor to afford a land line, he can use something like Skype.

    Texting is not a good substitute for actually talking to someone.

    Any other reason than the ones I listed above, and it's just pure laziness, and that's not a good sign. Note that you should not be hounding him to call you all the time!

    But he should make reasonable efforts to call you when he can if he cares about you. If he speaks to other people on the phone, like his friends or even his parents, more than he speaks to you, then that's also a bad sign.

    It doesn't make him a bad person, but I think that if he's lazy then the relationship isn't that important to him. Also, if he's shy or has some kind of phobia, that should be something he can overcome over time as he gets closer to you.


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  • Some guys are just more comfortable with texting. I know people who would prefer not to call a girl at all and it has nothing to do with how they feel about her.


    • Yet another spam bot :) I feel lucky!


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    • They just want your e-mail address. Pay no attention to them :P


    • thanks guys, ...I really needed to know. Because I'm old fashion and I prefer calls, and I was starting to feel that he really wasn't that into me because all he wants is to text.

  • I second Distant. He got it exactly right. I don't like talking on the phone at all.


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  • Because no one actually uses the phone function in their phones any more. Duh.

    I haven't had a cell for like 5 months now. Feels liberating.