A guy I like asked me out, I said yes, but I'm questioning several things. Your opinion?

Hypothetically, let's call this boy Fred.

I met this boy about a week and a half ago. Thing is, so far, I haven't actually met him yet. My friend introduced me and him over Skype, we've been talking rather a bit since.

We were planning to all get together last Monday but then it got canceled so that we could spend a WHOLE day together. That hasn't happened yet.

Then, just about two hours ago, me and my friend and Fred were chatting and joking around a whole bunch on Skype. We were just kidding around and saying that my friend and our other friend are lovebirds and they love each other so much. We were calling each other idiots and crazy and stuff, and my friend thinks that Fred likes me and I like him and Fred thinks that I like him. I think he likes me. We were pretty much saying all this.

Then my friend had to go and Fred and I stopped talking for a bit. Then this random, out of the blue conversation started:

Fred: willl you go out with me

Me: Are you, like, actually truly asking me?

Fred: yes

Me: Hmmmmm...

Me :I'll just leave you on tenterhooks

Me: :P

Me: Jk, yeh

Me: sure

Fred: kool

A few minutes later...

Me: You know, it's strange.

Me: You realize, we haven't met?

Fred: (hug)

Fred: yes

Me: And you actually wanna go on a date? With a person you haven't met in person?

Me: *hug*

Fred: I guess so

Me: You're strange

Me: I like it

Me: :)

Fred: Ok

A few seconds later...

Fred: (hug)

Fred: have you ever been dumped b4 ?

Me: Dude, you know I haven't had a boyfriend.

Fred: you have now

Me: *facepalm* You're not a boyfriend yet.

Fred: how

Me: It's just a "date"

I live in Brunswick and he lives in Rowville (Yeah, we live in VIC, Australia).

So, now I feel awkward, I've accepted his invitation, we haven't met, and nothing's been arranged yet.

I'm very sorry if this is a bit hard to understand.

Anyway, your opinions?

One other thing, we're, like, really good friends. We can talk about pretty much anything. And also, it's confirmed; he likes me and I like him.


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  • Run

    He gets too easily attached

  • "Fred" is moving to fast. I know this may look like what you want because you like him, but it's simply to soon. Be sure your not alone with him. Okay? Believe me, I've got first hand exp. it pays to be safe.

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