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What do men rate this women?

1. When thinner in frame, many guys from various backgrounds came around her and deliberately wanted to stare at her body. Some asked her out, but she had some issues and didn't say yes.
2. Most of her life, she was overweight and got married while overweight for 4.5 years. She left him as it was a bad marriage. They have no children.
3. Soon after her marriage, she became a 'mistress' to an unmarried man with a baby mama for 2 years. She had lost weight but not at her best weight.
4. She's tried online dating while overweight and most of the men who approached her either wanted fun or were very unattractive to her.
5. A man who is separated has been engaging with her but usually by text. He called once but has resorted to text most of the time.

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What do men rate this women?
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