First date - what do you do on your first date?

What did you do on your first "offiicial" date? What activity did you do? Movie? Dinner? Mall? How old were you? Did you 'group date' as your first "official" date? If you were younger (15 or younger) - did you have chaperones such as parents or older siblings?

I am NOT asking for myself. It is my 14 year old son who I have in mind for this question. I am wondering what will be considered acceptable for him and his future date(s).


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  • For my first date I was 14 and he was 16 and he just met me near my house and went for a walk in a nearby park and sunbathed for a bit. It gave us chance to talk and get to know each other but it wasn't like something you wouldn't do on a normal day so it helped us relax. Also if it went really bad we could have easily cut it short.


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