Why is it that all the guys that I am sexually/physically attracted to have personalities that I do not like?

Why is it that all the guys that I am sexually/physically attracted to have personalities that I do not like at all and then all the guys that I am attracted to personality-wise, I am not attracted to their looks at all. It is all just like, it has to be both looks and personality but it never works out for me that way. Anyone else have the same problem as I do? Also, I have noticed that all the good looking guys are not as nice as the guys that I don't find physically attractive.

Oh and people (guys and girls) have told me that I am very nice and have a good personlity and am very pretty too, so I don't know who I attract to. The good looking guys just want to use me all the time, and the guys that I am only attracted to their personlity but not their looks want more when I feel that you need at least some physical attraction for it to work at least a little too. I don't know.


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  • This has happened to me once or twice lol

    • Lol, glad to know that I am not alone.

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  • I think everyone feels like this at one time or another. When you find Mr. Perfect isn't that the one you usually marry?


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  • I can see your dilemma. Seems you have yet to find the 'happy medium' The thing is that looks are the superfical part of 'liking' someone. Most of us wouldn't deny that it is someone's looks that attract us first. However, I am a big believer that someone who I found good looking to start with, can become less attractive if once I have got to know them, there personality doesn't appeal to me.

    This is why boys and girls tend to 'date' each other first, before 'jumping' into a serious relationship. That's why the dating process is around.

    I reckon when it comes to you, you have a 'type' in personality, and a 'type' in looks, but so far you have found that they are both conflicting, in the sense, as I have already said you haven't found the 'happy medium'

    There is not really a good enough answer to this one, that can make sure you don't do it again, all I can say is prehaps when you get the personality and but not the looks, work on the personality side. Because I also believe that an 'ugly' person can become stunning when the personality is presented.

    • Not so "ugly"... just guys I am not at all physcially or sexually attracted to. Like there has to be at least some physical attraction or else sex won't even be good with them and I won't get turned on. I don't get turned on by guys I am not attracted to their looks but only get turned on by guys I find physically attractive. I thank you for your help. You gave a great answer. I have to find that happy medium so to speak where the guy has personality and looks.

    • I see your point, but yeah you need to find the happy medium, and there will be someone, why not try looking at a guy whose hot, and see if any, what personality traits you do like in them, which you also like in not so good looking, but has great personality, because they may not always be the same, but some will have similar. You do have a tough one here but I do get everything your saying, looks are important but you also need the whole package.

    • Thanks so much! I agree with everything you said and it makes sense. I appreciate your help and will take your advice. Take care. :)