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Should I try to rekindle something?

So I'll try and make this brief but you can ask me for me details if you'd like.

So a couple years back I met this girl. And for about a year we'd be in the same location. We clicked right away more than I'd clicked with a girl before or since (granted I'm only 21). I quickly developed feeling for her and she might have too (but it's really unknown). Long story short I screwed it up and got anxious about the whole thing and essentially shut down. She understandably stopped coming to talk to me and started giving much shorter replies. Now we leave about 10 hours apart and I've seen her twice in the last couple years or so (including a time she got tickets for a game and invited me because I "was the only one who'd really appreciate it"). Everytime I try to start up conversations now by text they end up falling flat after a while and leaving me feeling empty and regretting not trying to move a relationship forward earlier.

My question now is, in your opinion, should I: try to rebuild conversations through texts and calls to lead up to asking her out or expressing myself, expressing myself out of the blue, or just completely try to move on and forget about her.

Sorry this didn't end up being that brief.
Building up to asking her out.
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Ask her out out of the blue.
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Moving on.
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Should I try to rekindle something?
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