How long should I wait for her?

There is a girl I've liked for a while who has been in a relationship. She broke up with her boyfriend a few days ago. So I'm just wondering how long should I wait before making it obvious that I'm interested and wanting a relationship? don't want to do it to soon and seem like an ass...


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  • Hard 1 because you can never tell if she wants you to spite the ex boyfriend or wants you to get a chance. Is she completely over him is what I'm asking?

    • yea I know, tis hard, but as far as I can tell she IS over him. But either way, I really like her so its worth a shot even if it turns out bad. I just don't wanna ask her out too soon and blow it from the start.

    • easiest way is to just chill and see how she reacts towards you like a friend or more or whatever else. If you just ask her straight out than dunno.