How do you advance to the next step in dating?

I've been hanging out with this guy for a few months now and I asked him if he liked me and he said he wanted to hang out for a little while longer and see where it goes. Then he took me to the beach and kissed me. Since then We started hanging out a lot more, then all of a sudden I didn't hear anything from him at all. I understand we're still friends, but he could be like "how's your day" or something if he was interested. What should I do now?


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  • Try writing him a letter and asking to know him more. Just be like, hey it was so nice to see you that one time and I would like to hang out with you again some time.

    Then once you hang out again make sure the vibe is good, and ask him again if he likes you.

    I mean, usually you get the vibe a guy likes you before you ask him if he likes you. he kissed you so I would think he liked you but I'm not so sure.

    Maybe you might want to try to back off and find another guy too and make sure you are 100% sure before you say "do you like me?". Try looking for signs like does he write super long letters to you telling you how beautiful and nice you are, or does he tell you he has never found such a wonderful person ever... and does he call every single day and try to talk for an hour a time, or does he try to text you 10 times a day just to say "hi beautiful" those are really tell tale signs that he likes you likes you before you ask him. And after the kiss, maybe you should say something like "Do you want me to be your girlfriend?" Then after that he and you should constantly be writing letters (5-10 letters a day) and calling each other (skype like at least 1-2 hours a day) even if he is buys (that's how it was with my husband).

    Anyways, yeah maybe he doesn't like you as much as you thought he did.

    • He never gives me compliments. I'm just a friend that he makes out with. He's playing mind games with me and I don't understand why. I think I'm just gonna move away. I hate liking guys and putting up with "will he call?" and stupid stuff like that. I'd just rather be left alone.

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