What can we talk about, we are both shy?

We are both shy...

We can talk for hours, with some teasing, random stuff, but when it comes to more serious talk, we quickly run out of things to talk about and it usually ends after like 10 minutes and we just leave each other, or get back to the teasing, random talk. I don't know, it feels like it becomes a job interview for both of us...

Anyone has any ideas of how to be able to maintain a more serious discussion, questions to ask, etc?


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  • Try doing a game or something.

    My husband and I try the 2 truths and 1 lie and the other person tries guessing the lie.

    Or try getting a handful of popcorn (or chocolates whatever) and then whomever eats theirs first is the winner. To eat one you have to correctly guess the question that the other person is saying. For example she may ask, what is the one place I want to live at? And you say japan and that is the right answer then you may eat one piece of food etc. if you guess wrong then you don't. Then you ask her what your favorite place to live is, and if she says hawaii and it was right, she can eat one piece. etc etc

    or you can just talk about the recent book she is reading and she can ask you about your recent book you are reading and then you guys can talk about all the books you have ever read and liked, and that conversation can go on and on if you both really like books and talking about story lines etc.


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