A second date that includes his coworkers?

I went on a first date with a guy who I was set up with by a mutual friend. The date was great, but it was a while before I heard from him again, which I don't really mind since I'm in no rush to be in a relationship. We plan to meet for a second date this weekend, but it's an event where a lot of his coworkers will also be attending. There are no assigned seats, so I assume we'll be sitting with his coworkers who I've never met before.

I told him I wouldn't mind, but when I thought about it again, I wonder if he's really not as interested in me as I thought. Can anyone help me interpret what this could mean, and why our second date would be with his coworkers? If anyone can provide some insight, I'd really appreciate it!


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  • it should be fine. I was dating my guy for 3 months and then I was going to a winter ball and met his co-workers for the first time.

    Maybe he didn't want to go alone because he doesn't like those kinds of events and maybe he wanted a friend to go with him so that he can talk to you and not feel so awkward at those events.

    Why don't you ask him more about the event and stuff.

    Good luck