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Why do men hate me?

I know that I sound selfish and self serving but I'm starting to feel like I'm cursed when it comes to dating. When it comes to dating I'm always offering to split or I'll be the one who asks him out and pay for his meals. I don't expect gifts, I don't expect fancy dates, in fact I'm usually the one offering the guy gifts and money. I don't expect people to give me anything and I thought that it would make guys more likely to date me since most women want to be taken out on dates. When I date I only make sure to go to the cheapest fucking places and I'm spilting with the guy or fucking paying to take him out.

But my dating life is horrible. The guys are either insanely vebally abusive to me or they're constantly asking me for money. - my little sister always has guys willing to do so much shit for her, even my older sister. Guys go head over heels for my fucking sisters and people are always saying that we look alike. The last two guys I talked too asked me for money. One of them tried to buy me something and I turned it down hoping that it would make me more interesting...

I fucking swear... Why is this happening to me? Even a incel basically called me black and ugly.
Why do men hate me?
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