Is he just another jerk ?

This is part of the conversation, after I asked him if he ever thought that he was being such a jerk to me when he told me "i think I'm a bad guy. don't like me okay"


no my dear

sorry ...if I have hurt you ...

but I feel bad these few days also...

because you are young and sweet...surely have better guys...

I am an old guy

I would prefer not to go further...unless we are really in a realationship...that we will get married

because I want to have kids soon and start a proper family

which I don't think at your age you are ready also

but I do like you ...

although spoiled ...but very lovely


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  • how does that make him a anyway...whatsoever?

    • in the way that you got too close to a girl then the next few days you told her not to like you

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  • I don't think he is coming off as a jerk, I think he is just being very honest with you. First off, if your ready to have kids very soon and get married and you like this guy then let him know. But if your not, or if you already told him you liked him and he just percieves you as being to young for him then leave him alone. However old this guy is remember he would have to accept your age and in turn he would have to face his family as well. But if he really likes you and you tell him your ready to settle down, then I think he would. But you better be ready to get married, have kids, and live with this guy.

    • Amber, thank you for your answer. I'm 22 and he's 34. I don't know if once we get settle down, will things work out ? I really don't want after 1-2 years, things fall apart =(

    • I can't tell you if things will work out, and everyone uses the excuse when things settle down, it's not a matter of that. It's a matter of how he feels about the age difference. You might not see it as an issue but obvoiusly he does. Just leave it all alone and if his feelings change he will let you know by either telling you or settled hints like everyone else does.

    • We've agreed to talk about this again after my finals are done. Thanks Amber =)

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