Does he want to hang out? He said the one person he wants to hit him up never does?

He always said that he had to always ask me to hang out. So I asked him what he was doing to tonight and he said " IDK, tennis tournament" then I said "ohkay.." and he said "yea" . does that mean he doesn't want to hang out? SO CONFUSED. HELP. I miss him.


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  • He want it. You have to be more clear about it. Tell him that you want to hang out. Suggest place and time. Question "What do you do tonight" is not a suggestion!

    • he replied and said "why. what are you gunna do?" and I replied "oh I don't know either. I was jus wonderin." then he said " either? wtf" then I said "you said idk"... what you think nah?

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    • doesn't it? that's why I kind of don't want to deal w him. but I'm miserable w/o him

    • Yes, but it might not be that childish of him. This is what he needs! He needs you to be interested. Deal with that and show interest in him (out of love) or let the guy be.

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  • you ought to come right out and say.

    well I'm doing this and I want you to do it with me.


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  • i guess so. he didn't ask you to hang out

    • he's been talking about this tennis tournament for a while but he didn't bother to ask to hang out at another time...

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