How much devotion from a man should be expected?

In a typical relationship, I assume the man I'm dating to remember our anniversary, my birthday, important events I want him to attend with me, things I tell him about myself, and anything I tell him in general.

I also assume that he'd put me and my needs first before most things (aside from his family).

As far as gifts go...I don't expect them all the time or even at all. Like chivalry, gifts are better infrequently.

My question is this...are these reasonal expectations or assumptions or are these things I'd be asking too much for?


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  • All these seem fine. As long as you do exactly the same to him and don't for example put your needs in front of his and are fair minded then it's all good.


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  • What you asked for are the spices of real love, in general you must be his 1st priority in life and nothing equals your or comes ahead of you...but he must be like that to you too...


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  • No you are not expecting anything more

    thats naturall guys are least bother about dates

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