What to do if a guy does not answer you?

OK well there is this guy that I think I'm head over hill for and he and I have only been talking for like 4 or 6 days. And he is a very sweet guy and we have been messaging back and forth for like the last 4 days and every day I'm very giddy and can't wait to talk with him. But something happened the last 2 days and not sure wait. Every thing was going OK till then and last night I though OK He's not going to say annoying, thinking all I want do is talk to him. So then found out that he did send me a message and I went to go answer back just min apart but nothing even though he did say he was going to bed and told me that he loves me and said good night. So from there I went to try to send him one back but my computer was acting up and right before he told me he was gonna go to bed he told me please don't go was what he had said. And now to day I had sent him a message and he won't answer. So what do I do?


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  • tell him your computer acted up and you didn't have his phone number to tell him that when it happened.


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