Why does he keep talking to me?

if he doesn't want to hang out? He texted me yesterday to make sure I was okay, and has fb chatted me twice... he told me he was playing tennis today, so later I texted him and asked "you playing tennis all night long?" waiting for his reply to ask him to hang out...but he hasn't replied and he's been on twitter... why would he talk to me if he doesn't want to hang out? It's making it harder to let him go


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  • He may enjoy keeping you on the hook to boost his ego. He may want to hang out but only on his terms. He may be keeping you as an option for when other 1st choice options aren't available. Those are all the reasons I have seen happen. Overall a guy who doesn't show that much interest is not worth hanging around for. Sure, let him contact you for an ego boost to you, but wait for the guy who is really in to you before you lose your heart.

    • what's sad is he was, but I didn't show enough interest and now its over. I guess he wasn't talking about me when he tweeted "the one person I want to hmu...never does"

    • That does happen but I have found from experience that if a person's feelings change for you it wasn't meant to be. I had a strong interest for this guy in college who just did not show much interest in me. Later, the tables turned, and we knew each other more and all of a sudden he was very interested in me and I lost interest in him. The guy for you is out there, I guarantee, even if that doesn't make you feel very good right now.