Arranged date but now no contact?

I've been on four dates with guy since meeting online beginning of April, arranged our fifth on Sunday (24th) for Monday (1st), both busy before then due to work/family. However, he hasn't got in contact since that day...I'm wondering when to contact to confirm if Monday is still on/should I contact? or just wait and see?

Background ... in general he seems to be a pretty much last minute planner and I had thought he'd lost interest


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  • He knows about that date. I just had the same thing happen to me. I have two dates planned (different guys) this weekend. BOTH guys asked me out about 10 days ago for this weekend (I should actually be getting ready right now) - one for Friday night and the other for hiking on Saturday.

    BOTH of the guys waited FOREVER to confirm! One eventually confirmed with me on Facebk the day of (today) and the other I sent a text to today (the day before the hike). He responded right away confirming (but I wondered if I hadn't of done that would he have confirmed and when). :-)

    Good luck.

    • Lol you were right, texted him on Sunday to confirm all OK and he replied "deffinately" and didn't actually confirm specifics re time/deffinate place for food until yesterday afternoon.

    • I am glad it worked out. :-)

  • I'd contact him probably tomorrow to double check.