Going to prom with a guy I don't know that well...?

He asked me today.

He completely randomly asked me to lunch two years ago when I didn't know him at all (he's very outgoing, so much that he's a bit awkward), but that never turned into anything. Last summer we met again, and we were hanging out a little drunk so I kissed him when I said goodbye. I took this year off, and these last couple weeks we've started talking a bit, but I don't know him very well. At this point, I don't know if I'd like him as more than friends or not.

We're going to hang out next week... should I text him tonight to make him feel more secure about it and all? I don't really like texting.

Any tips about going with him, getting to know him and being comfortable/having fun around him, making him feel comfortable, making myself feel comfortable...? I'll be going in his big group of friends, none of whom I know very well either.

Thank ya! (;


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  • did you still go with him

    • Yeah it was fun... it was awkward at times, and probably would have been more fun if I knew him better, but I don't regret going with him! We didn't really talk after though haha. We're just sort of friends now.