Party Hook-up...what now?

I went to this Halloween House Party last Saturday and met this realy cool guy. At the end, I was on his lap and we kissed. When I had to go, he asked for my number, but hasn't called. I'm kinda new to the party-scene so what does it mean when a guy asks for your number? You know the new thing of callingi the person right there and then so the they have your number too. As a girl, I believe that inititally, it's a better idea to NOT call the guy or you look desperate. Is this true? My buddy says if I'm intersetd, I SHOULD give him a call. Should I?


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  • If you like the guy.just call him. I don't see anything wrong with you calling him. About him, was he drunk when you made out wth him? Drunk guys are notorious for asking for number and next day doesn't remember who the girl was. If you really curious to know if he likes you him. Warning the result might not be the one you want. Good Luck!

    • He was not too drunk, just tipsy. I was more drunk...ha...well, he ended up calling for a lunch date...which went well today. What happens now though? Is it good to initiate after a first date? All we did was walk around town and grab a nice lunch.

    • If things are going well with him then keep talking with him until one of you decide if you want to be more than friend. How do you felt when your with him? Butterfly in your stomach? Does he looked nervous? IF he and felt all this then the feeling are mutual.