It is hard for her to date me. Please help, what is happening to me?

I think I love this girl . She is older than me by 2 years and has dated my elder brother's friend for 3 years . I did not know her until 2 months ago when she came to visit my brother in our home . My elder brother is presently dating her sister . She explained to me that it is hard for her to date me because she had dated my Elder brother's friend . I really love her and she told me that she loves me too . Please what should I do ? I think about her all the time .


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  • Tell her that if she loves you too, then that you two can make it work. If not then you can't do much about it.

    And who cares about her dating your brother's friend, that was in the past and you aren't really doing nothing wrong since they are broken up now and she seems to like you not him anymore.

    • Thank you so much . We are getting along well and I think we can make it work . It will just be a matter of time .

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