What do you talk about with a guy that you recently started dating?

So me and this guy chill and whatever but I have no idea what to talk about. I mean I want to know more about him but I just don't know how to actually put it in words or what it is I want to know. I tell him everything and he just asks me like what? And I just come up blank...Help?


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  • If I ever find myself in this situation, and I have done, like when you have to introduce yourself to someone, and then have to be around them, my ice breaker is always the size of my family, because I know it is something they won't be excepting, and it gives them something to ask me about. Now, I know you want to KNOW about him,but if you start with something like that, most people will be able to relate, and discuss, and whoops, they've told you things that had you just asked directly they might not have answered. ALWAYS works for me, never failed yet!

  • Ask questions! Listen to the answers. Ask more questions. Listen more. Utter your own opinions. Agree or disagree. It doesn't actually have to be about anything and you don't have to do all the talking. People love to talk about themselves, they'll open up when you make them feel like you're interested in what they have to say. I once asked a guy how a school appointment we both had to do was going with him and in no time we had a discussion about whether photography was an art or not.

    If you go to wikihow dot com and search for "how to have a great conversation", you'll get some good advice.