Boyfriend does not call me even if I am angry?

just yesterday for eg I got a little pissed about something. we didn't have a fight or anything but I did make my displeasure known to him about his not calling me. he was all jolly and didn't seem to acknowledge what I said so I just texted him a slightly peeved message. but even today he hasn't called me! no text no call...nothing. like if he gets angry the first thing I do is call him to check on his mood...but he seems least bothered! plus he has commented all over his Facebook so can't say he didn't have time! so does it mean the guy is not really interested?

if you need to know I got angry yesterday Because I asked him to call me several times but he didn't.


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  • Well, we're not all the same, life would be boring.

    If you have a problem about him not calling you and you force it on him, don't be surprise that he is not hurrying to call you back.

    Now, that you call to pick/test on his mood to check if he calm down, that's your way, remember that we all need some time to swallow our pill, some of us needs more time than others.

    Why would he be calling you if he thinks that you're angry, it's like suicide.

    We all live in a rush, when it comes to emotions, we have no control.


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  • It does not mean that he is not interested. But I think he feel that he should not have to, that you are somehow not righteous towards him.

    • how can a man claiming to be a boyfriend feel tht he is not obliged to call his gf... adn that by asking him to do that the girl is wronging him in some way?

    • Being in relationship does not mean that he is automaticaly obligated to feel perfectly OK with everything his partner does. If that was troue, divorces would not exist.

      Sometimes one side of relationship feels that he/she is doing much more than the other and the other side gets angry on him/her often despite this. No, I am not saying that he is right. I just want you to better understand what may be going on.

      He might feel like that, even if it is not true. Even if he is not right about it.

  • It sounds typical. When girls get angry, they expect the guy to respond like their female friends would. Asking how their mood is, make sure they are fine etc.

    What we usually do is leaving them alone as we think they need some time alone to vent out or something like that.

    So when guys think they are doing a girl a favour by leaving her alone, she becomes even more angry and so it begins :)


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  • If he expects you to be angry with him when he calls, he probably won't call.