Why has he stopped responding?

OK so I have known this guy for a really long time and we have always been friends. He went out with this girl for 3 years and they broke up about 2 months ago. Ever since they broke up me and him have been texting all day every day and we have hung out a couple of times as well. We see each other almost everyday at work and talk for the couple of minutes that we can. This past week he has seemed very distant and he will text me ill text him and then he will not respond for the rest of the night! Yesterday was the first time that we had not texted at all. Also he was always wanting to hang out before when I had a charity event coming up so I didn't have much time to hang out and now that I have time he does not seem like he wants to hang out... what should I do I'm all for giving him his space but I don't know what's going on with him. We tell each other everything and help each other through hard times and are very understanding of what each other is going through any advice?


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  • did you still talk to him