Why do I do this, and seriously, how can I stop it's so dumb!

whenever I find a guy attractive or I like him, I start ignoring him, I don't mean to do it, but it happens. I'm afraid to say something he won't like or make anything awkward. perfect example last night I was out with friends and I said bye to everyone there except him, I got in my car and literally kicked my self in the butt. he's going to think I don't like him. he's really quiet and when it comes to this stuff I make like it doesn't exist. how can I talk to him, my friends are all hanging out again, and yes he will be there, so I have another shot. another one of my concerns is, I'm not sure if he thinks I'm cute, or wants me to talk to him. it sounds really dumb, but I need to get over this. if you have any advice please respond, ill try anything, really :P


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  • Why do we do what we do..

    For the world is a beutiful rose

    But we are to worried about the thorns to touch it..

    Simply let your self be cut by the thorns.. Then you will know how to avoid them later...

    You need to open up.. Show him and him alone that you like him..

    If you fall or get cut I know it hurts but to quote "Meet the Robinsons"

    From failure we learn.. From sucess not so much..

    Dont be afraid...

    And don't tell me your not...

    Your afraid he might not like you

    Your afraid your ignoring him

    Your afraid you might be messing it up

    And so on and so on...

    Your just who you are forget these types of fears and act..

    Now on how to act I have a few ways you can..

    1. Tell him you like him.. This may not seem like it will change your problem.. It wont.

    But it will let him know why your acting this way.. So he can act acordingly

    2. Tell him your peoblem.. This goes better if you do #1

    If you can't do that try these..

    3. Give him a hug.. I don't mean one of those good bye hugs that last a few seconds and the guys not even sure it happened.. I mean a real hug.. One that lasts for minutes.. If he's your friend.. Liking you or not.. But is your friend.. You can do this for no reason what so ever.. Guys know girls have issues they can't tell us.. But it makes us feel warm and happy knowing we are the guy they need to hug to get over them.. Do it a few times over a few weeks and he's yours..

    4. Remember him first.. Don't flirt with other guys but him.. Don't say goodbye to anyone but him.

    Try these first if they don't work... I might have another idea.. But its a long stretch.. So it'd not worth posting..

    All you need to do his tell him or show him you care.. And "never forget" you do

    • wow, thanks! I really appriciate this, I will keep you posted :) I should see him again soon, and ill try it!...btw your very right; I'm scared out of my mind.

    • Being scared is a natural responds.. Just don't let it controll your actions..

      And remember to smile.. :) a smile is all some guys need to know you care.. Not all but some..

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  • I have that problem to :( it's freakin annoying. I try watching my friend around guys and I just have to relax ya know? Because I've realized now that one guy isn't my only chance. I can easily come across many other guys who may be interested, I just got to make myself more approachable and take my chances and be confident (: take risks, or you'll regret it! Trust me, been there done that.

    • thank you, and good luck to you!

  • awwmann I'm in the same boat as you too.i've no idea why I react this way by ignoring )): this would only make the person you like thought you don't like him, that's for sure.so I guess it is better to create more chance for you & your person you like, like talk and hang out with him? rather than passing the wrong signal.. :D

  • This is the type of thing little boys do when they like a girl - akin to the whole pigtail pulling thing. It's just how you flirt, I guess.

    It will be hard because you're probably just scared of rejection and that's why he causes you to retreat like that, but you need to really try talking to him and being nicer so that he knows you don't hate him or something. If that doesn't make any difference, well then he might not be interested. But acting like this isn't going to get anywhere because while girls can read between the lines when a guy is being ridiculous, it has been my experience that guys are much worse/slower at it, so he probably will think that you don't like him.