Finding boyfriend/close friend in Internet?

Are there really good guys in Internet?

There was once when I knew a guy and he told me he need a close friend with intimacy (fling) and not a relationship 'cos he's in a complicated relationship.

But I find that what's between us is just sex topics and nothing personal stuff communication. after some intimacy (with no sex), even if he talk to me also because he wanna try one more time.

I know if a guy don't care, he'll just want physical interaction only, but there're so manyout there who just out for fun only but still can be friends. I thought I really need it but after I tried it, I felt sad because it wasn't what I want.

I hope someone can understand me, walk me home, share with me anything under the sun and not only physical. After the intimacy (no sex), I'm just someone being ignored, walking home alone...with him not even looking me in the eye when we talked. Though I don't love him but I feel hurt as a woman.

Is there anyone same as me or is it normal that these type of things always happen in Internet?


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  • The world is full of strange people, not just the internet lol.


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  • There are good guys on the internet, but you have to use your brains and not get involved with one who is in a "complicated relationship" and wants a "fling." :P Not that I'm calling you dumb, it's just a matter of making the right choices.

    I found my boyfriend on the internet and we've been together for a year now. He's seriously the sweetest guy I've ever met. So yes, there's hope, haha.

    • I believe girls that wait for marriage have a slim chance of finding the right guy for them.

      I also believe that finding someone for a meaningful relationship on the internet is even worse, lol.

      Still, if you say it's all good then gratz and good luck. :)

    • I agree with you, but some dating sites are better than others. For example, on OkCupid, you answer questions like "Do you believe in waiting until marriage to have sex?" and "Is kissing someone else while you're in a relationship cheating?", and you get to include what your ideal match would answer, so that's what the user compatibility is based off of. You're not likely to get "set up" with someone who disagrees with you on those things.

      Chemistry is something you discover in person, though.

    • I found my boyfriend on OkCupid as well and we've been doing great for half a year now. Some websites are "smarter" than others.