Guys and texting a girl they might be interested in?

There's this guy who I've gotten to be pretty close with. We've been texting each other for a few months now and we have a lot of classes together in school. Every time we text (usually everyday) it lasts for hours. He starts a lot of the conversations and if he says something like ttyl or brb, he always comes back. Most guys I've texted usually just stop talking to me at that point. And we talk about everything, not just school related things. A lot of people think he likes me but I;m not sure. I know you can't really tell if someone likes you via texting but are there certain things a guy does while texting a girl he's interested in to clue you in?


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  • Well a main clue I know of is if he asks you who you fancy. Then you can be pretty sure he likes you - from my experience anyway (;

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