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Meet up etiquette?

I'm confused. I was supposed to be seeing a (male) friend tonight for dinner but it now isn't happening.

We spoke yesterday and he told me that his sister was being tested for coronavirus and if she tested positive then he wouldn't be able to meet as he might have it too. He said that she should find out that evening. Then he would let me know.

It came to this afternoon and I hadn't heard anything so I gave him a call. He didn't answer so I texted him about an hour and a half later on. He came back saying he was very busy but that he hadn't heard yet and would let me know when he did.

It got close to 6pm and no message so I called him again to find out what was happening so I didn't miss my train. He said he was back at home and still no news. He said that he had never agreed to us meeting this evening but that he would let me know (which he didn't).

Am I justified in being a little pissed off here? I dont really know.

Meet up etiquette?
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