I met a guy who just brokeup his ex girlfriend for a month. I feel he still got a feeling for her?

It seem like he likes me so much...and we already had sex,but I never asked him about our relationship before. He lives far from my town,but drives to see me every weekend. He always takes my photo and send it back to me. He's proud when people say I'm pretty girl.and He calls me every day.

Then I asked him that what I am to him...the answer was dissapointed me , he said we werent lovers,but he like to be with me,I make him happy ..and now he don't think about marriage(I don't thing about it neither,it's to early to say that,but I think no need to say,I will never marry!) now I stop having sex with him..

Do you think I did the right thing? and what is the meaning behind his words...Did he just have me for fun,or he want to return to his ex?


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  • yes chances are you might be a rebound and he had no intention in making you more than just a thing he doesn't want to be your lover because he is in love or still in love with someone else! cut him off and date someone who is intrested in more than just a good time

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