Can someone please give me prom advice?

Im in 11th grade and I really like this girl in my youth group in 9th grade. I'm one of those guys that is quiet and funny and the same time. My prom is on May 14th and tomorrow is the last possible day I could ask her. I think she likes me cus she hugs me sometimes. I'm not sure if she does though cus I only see her once every couple of weeks. Tomorrow my youth group is running the 9:30 service and after that we are eating this breakfast thing. Should I get her alone and ask her then? Just please tell me what to do in detail. Thanks.


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  • Just ask her. Simple as that. say: "Hey, how about we go to prom. Just me and you." but,

    You should focus on making good impressions on her close friends before you pop the question (This is more important than asking her). Then just be casual, and talk to her. Bring up prom into the conversation, and after she gives her input, ask her the question.

    IF, she says yes, you win.

    IF, she says maybe, she'll go to her friends for their opinion and they'll say yes. She'll come back.

    Hope this Helps.

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