He only texts me first when he is drunk?

I have been sorta seeing this guy and I am usually the one who starts the texting convo. He ONLY really texts me first when he is drunk. what's up with that?


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  • my ex boyfriend only did too. He wouldn't call me either unless it was 2AM and he was at the bar.

    that's why he's an ex. I asked him why, I told him it hurt me, and still nothing changed. I didn't stick around after that. my advice to you is to not even bother. find someone who wants to talk to you. any girl deserves better. 8)

    • Ya I think next time he does it I am going to ask him why he only texts me late at night or when he is drunk and if he doesn't change I'm calling it quits. Because why can't he say the things to me when he is sober. (he says nice things to me when he texts but it doesn't make me happy because he was drunk when he said it). Thanks for the advice!

  • If he only texts you when he's drunk then he can't be that into you.