She's texting my boyfriend?

Please help me! My boyfriend says this girl is ugly and he has a Facebook and she's always is liking his photos and recently I took pictures of him on a bike and she commented and said he looked good on the bike and she is best friends with his best friend's girlfriend I find this really suspicious because my boyfriend's best friend told his girlfriend that he's taken and all the sudden her best friend is texting my boyfriend and I find this really suspicious and just an hour ago they left on a two hour ride not telling me where they're are going am I making too much out of this I just think it sounds funny = S I don't wanna make too much out of nothing PLEASE HELP GUYS AND GIRLS!


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  • Ask him straight up about what's going on, and if you're really uncomfortable with it then you can always try asking him to stop.

    You could even take it to the extreme of talking to the girl in question and trying to straighten things out.

    If you're really really suspicious then the next time they go on one of these "rides" why don't you tag along?

  • Some punctuation might help.

    Your boyfriend has gone on a two hour bike-ride with this random friend-of-a-friend who clearly likes him?

    You got issues, girl. You should ask him what's going on. Girls don't go for long rides with platonic friends without other people around.


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