What's going on with him?

I really like this guy right now, and everything was going fine between us, or so I thought.

We would text each other everyday & see each other almost everday, just to hang out.

Recently he's been acting distant and he doesn't text me & if I text him he'll answer a few times then stop. Or he'll randomly send me a message then I answer and he doesn't.

I don't know what's going on...what do you guys think?


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  • He might just be second-guessing himself. Maybe he is unsure if you still like him, or perhaps his feelings for you have changed, but he is unsure how to tell you. He could simply just be busy too, or maybe he has other things on his mind, etc. stuff like that and perhaps time isn't on his side. If he sends messages, that usually means he still wants to talk with you and keep in contact, but even if he doesn't reply back I'm sure he is just thankful you did lol.

    He also may just want a short break, maybe he needs some time to come and realize how he honestly feels about you, what he thinks about relationship, etc. You could try asking him about it, just tell him you're a little worried is all. But keep talking to him and spending time with him, it will benefeit the relationship too :)

    Oh, and maybe he know knows you lke him and he is unsure how to act around you, or what to say to you, nervous maybe. Guys do get nervous easily, but he might have realized he feels the same way about you, never know!

    Ask him about it, I'm sure he would appreciate it


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