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Guys, Guy still talks to girl that "broke his heart" is this a cause for concern?

I've been talking to this guy I knew in high school that wanted to date me but I turned him down. (He ended up being my friend but I found out it was with the hopes of us eventually dating or something).

He mentioned how he was in love before but that person "broke his heart". That person is his "best friend" who he says, realized she's a lesbian or bi. I'm not insecure or anything yet I'm not going to sit around with this guy that could potentially still have hopes that his friend will eventually love him.

Not to mention, he's not really all that attractive but he has a good personality... When I could honestly spend my time with someone better looking that's not potentially wasting my time being stupid enough to think this person will fall for them.

I'm going to tell him about himself and just say I don't want to hang out with him anymore. I just want to understand this from a guys perspective.
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Now that I think about it, I can't remember if he said he dated her or not and then she realized she liked girls or if he didn't date her but loved her. I'm going to ask but it doesn't sit right with me.
He also text me a few days ago asking about my day and stuff and hours later mentioned he was hanging out with his "best friend". You as guys wouldn't be pissed if a girl you were interested it was in the same situation? (Hanging out with a guy she liked or used to date)
Guys, Guy still talks to girl that "broke his heart" is this a cause for concern?
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