Why do my guy friends make my relationships complicated?

so my friend was texting me at the same time my boyfriend was and I thought my boyfriend texted me so I said I love you but it was my friend and he said I love you too and I told him not to say that and he hasn't texted me back. I was supposed to hang out with him tomorrow and I don't know if I should still go over there still or not, I also need to know if I should tell my boyfriend cause I want to still be friends with him and not fight with my boyfriend. what should I do?


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  • If he's your friend, of course you should still go :)

    Just tell him it was an accident sending him that text and sort things out so that they're not awkward. If you're good friends it should be fine :D

    and you could tell your boyfriend, just say that you accidently text your friend instead of him, should be fine x

    • but I knew he had a thing for me before and he was being serious when he said I love you too and my boyfriend knew that too so I don't know if he will let me still be friends with him

    • Well your boyfriend should understand if you still want to be friends with him, but talk to him about it, see how he feels. You could try staying away from your friend for a while but don't stop being friends with him over this! :)

    • i texted my friend again and its all cool and this was bussiness from before I started dating him or even knew him I told him that and he is fine he doesn't want to know