Could she have feelings for me?

I met her about 8 months ago, back then I was terribly shy around her and she was around me (only if we were alone). But we would look deep into each others eyes from across the room for like 10 seconds, I always thought she found me attractive and liked me back then.

Anyway she's been dating my friend since then, and I don't really see her much. There was a long break where I didn't see her, like 5 months, then 2 months ago I've started seeing her like weekly, and I get the feeling that she still may dig me. There's still that sticky, lingering eye contact we always had, she still finds me the funniest person on this entire damn planet, laughs at everything I say. And those eyes my god, it's like I'm reading lust when I see them, they're not friendly clueless eyes, they're focused, deep and seductive even.

Anyway lol, do girls have crushes even when they're dating someone? It looks like her and my friend's relationship will be coming to an end soon, because he's moving. With that happening in a month I've started seeing her around more, she''s hanging with my housemates a lot more, and naturally that means we see each other and hang out twice, three times a week. Could she possibly like me? And even if she does how much time should I give her to get over her boyfriend once it ends?

From whenever I saw her and my friend hanging out they didn't seem to mesh well.. I mean he isn't funny but tries to be, she would tease him and he'd get all defensive.. from the looks of it they didn't have good conversation but then two minutes later they'd be making out.. it was weird lol. And I hear from several people that she really cares about him and he doesn't really think he cares about her as much as she does about him...I wonder if women can truly like 2 people a lot at once


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  • Well if they really are going to break up, to respect your friend, ask him for his permission to date her and then go ahead and pursue her.


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