Do you think we could work out?

So about start school year, 2010-2011, this girl, Rides the same bus to school, but she is in the 8th, I am 10th, otherwise, age, I think she is about 13, or 14. She had, I am not sure why, Asked me if I wanted to come with her. Though she was there to visit my younger sister, asked me. Then after playing on the playground near her place, hmm, not much, just talked, walked back and forth, picked on each other, Which about everyday, there's a moment, where she just weirdly looks at me, And eventually of 5 days 3 or 4 we end up picking on each other, playfully. Talk over the internet, ... But also, she had invited me, I met her parents, interesting people, xD, and she even bought me a doner. That was the end of it, other than that she had come along as her father insisted, I think he did, to drive me home, and even came with us then. Of all, this, Do you guys thinks that Anything could be at work here.


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  • From what I can tell is that she's been doing all the work.

    Get your arse in gear and reward her efforts.

    • But other than that one time, I don't know, I mean, my age, 16, to be 17, in oct, she is 13, or 14, and I am not sure if one would say that she is out of my league, but She sure is one of the, more attractive girls, not so much of a yeah, she's OK, but one that the guys say is good looking. The thing is, I am not like most guys.

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    • well, it was interesting how you responded to it. ^^ But, Even if you say go at it, I think I would first want to figure out, what she truly feels, see if it really meant anything, or I end up randomly asking her out, the result being that She sees me as a creeper. I would say, If she had strong feelings for me, or something of the like, I would reconsider it though. IDK. :P thx though for your comments.

    • Best of luck. Do what you feel is right.