Why won't he make a move?

Okay, the question probably sounds stupid. But, I was with him &he wanted me to hold his hand. But whenever I was around him, I got SO nervous. Like, unexplainable nervous. And he ended up holding my hand first. And when he did, I got millions of butterflies in my stomach. But, eventually, like most guys, he wanted to kiss. And I was totally fine with that. But I hadn't kissed anyone in so long, that I couldn't remember how. And I think he was really counting on me to kiss him, but I didn't have the courage to tell him that I forgot how to kiss. So, I kept promising him "next time, next time" and I guess he eventually got tired of "next time" and gave up on me. And broke up with me. So, my main question really is. Why didn't he just kiss me? He'd tell me everyday that he wanted to kiss me. But he didn't. If he wanted to kiss me so badly, and knew that I wasn't going to kiss him first, why didn't he just do it?



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  • Well if he broke it off with you just because of a kiss than that is pretty lame and he doesn't sound like boyfriend material But the reason perhaps why he waited for you to kiss him is to prove something, to show that you will go the distance as he did, he initiated holding hands and wanted you to kiss him.

    Either that or he could of just liked having the girl go first, maybe to boost his ego or something?

    Just my guess.


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